Sunday, September 18, 2005

Start downloading 2 to 8 :-)

hey!! ne1 out there using dataone like me???

well, v hava reason 2 b unhappy 'cos they r giving only 1GB download/upload per month. But there is 1 small reason to be a "lil" happy. 2 AM to 8 AM is free for unlimited usage. To take advantage of this, i created a scheduled task to start downloading using Download Acclerator Plus (DAP) at 2:10 AM & shutdown the system after download completes or at 7:55 AM, whichever occurs first. Ok, heres the procedure to do that. I did this WinXP home and DAP version 7.2.
1. Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Scheduled Tasks.
2. Click next & select a program from the list or click "Browse" button to select ur own. I selected DAP frm the list.
3. Type a name & choose an option from the 1ce given. I chose daily.
4. Give a start time. As for this, give it as "2:10 AM" & select a start date.
5. Enter ur user name & password.
6. If u wan something else 2 b configured tick off the chk box & say "Finish".

Now, u gotta config DAP to start downloading at 2:10 AM. Other download managers vil surely a similar feature.

1. Fire DAP frm Start->Programs->Download Accelerator Plus->Download Accelerator
2. Goto Options->Preferences.
3. Select "Scheduler" from the left side menu & select the chk box
4. Tick the chk box dat says "Start scheduler at..." & select "Daily" & give the time of starting. If u want give the time at which the scheduler has to stop.
5. Select the options from "After scheduled downloads stopped/finished".
6. Click "Apply" & say "Close".

Dats!! it u can now close DAP, leave ur comp on & happily go 2 sleep......Today i have scheduled for 2 downloads from channel9. The 1st 1 is here & the 2nd is here, if u want to c them. They both promise 2 b gud. bye!! n have a gud day.... ;-)

Update: Read through Part 2 also.