Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ah! Kids Again

Two days ago, when i was parking my bike, there were some kids playing cricket nearby. An elderly man about 45 years of age, walked to them, grabbed their bat and asked them to bowl for him. Grumbling, they bowled 2 balls. That guy being a silly sadist, smiled and asked them to bowl more. This was getting interesting. After completion of an over, the children started whining. He started laughing and 1 of the children started crying at that. They were very small kids ok...

A larger one got really pissed off, took the ball and threatened to throw at his face if he didnt leave now. That guy started laughing so much that he picked up a small stone and threw on him. Ha ha ha !! The man was flabbergasted. How could such small children throw stones at him? He was shell shocked :D. By this time, a small crowd had formed and all were laughing at him for messing with the children :). The crying child stopped crying and they all resumed their game. Never again in his life will that man make a mistake with kids.

This reminds me of a similar incident that i encountered when i was in 4th standard. There was a small general store (maliga kada) very near to my house. I used to go there and buy butter biscuit for Rs.2, which will get me 8 biscuits. One such day, the shop keeper gave me only 7. I asked him whether he ate the other one and demanded him to give me the last biscuit. He refused to do so. I got so angry that i shouted the tamil word that starts with 'p' and ends with 'l' ...he he he. He got pissed off and came with me to my house. Tell you what, i spat on him and ran inside.

Though i got some nice whacks after that, those sadists learnt the lesson. Never mess around with kids.