Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Future is Bright

Well friends, I'm not talking about my future. I know it's certainly bright ;). What I'm going to talk about in this post is the future of the computing industry as a whole, taking the example of 2 great kids :D

Introducing to you.....
1. Yuvaraj Pandian, affectionately known as Yuvi, a geek on Microsoft technologies.
2. Collin Doering, a geek on Java and Sun related technologies.

Both of them are just 15 years old and what unites these two is the the passion towards technology. Yuvi is already popular among the Microsoft blogosphere (I don't know whether he knows about it or not) and Collin was featured on based on the interview conducted by Roumen. Assuming Yuvi becomes the youngest CEO for Microsoft in another 15 years :D and Collin goes for the same position at Sun :D, Wow!! These fellows being so passionate and creative, will bring about new ways of pushing technology beyond today's limits and certainly will play a huge role in shaping the industry.

Roumen says in his post, "I think it's fun and for me it's a bit surprising how early start people these days with Java." Going a bit ahead, it should be, "It's great about how early; people start on learning the latest in technology". Correct?

The future is very bright :D