Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Moment

As i was going to a store nearby, i met an old lady from my apartment and this conversation happened.

Myself: Hello granny, how are you?
Granny (smiles :D): I'm fine son. How are you?
Myself: I'm very fine (considering the exams tomorrow, im not that much fine)
Granny: When do you have to go for work?
Myself: May be next june or july
Granny: Very happy to hear that. Is it going to be Bangalore?
Myself: Ya, may be
Granny: Good, i know you are a very smart boy (:D). You will do well in your career. All the Best.

Saying so, she left. I was very happy to hear such encouraging words and got nailed to that place for about a minute, staring into infinity....she came back again and tapped my hand and asked "What??". Getting back to senses, i smiled and said "Nothing granny" and left.

Something that made the day so special was the words she used. She didn't say "do well"; she said "you will do well". There is a significant difference in the meanings of both of them :-).

Thank you granny, for making this day so special !!! >:D<

Thanks a lot ...