Monday, December 05, 2005

The rains...

It was a cool night....very cool...infact it was a perfect kinda night everyone would be looking for. No rains, no wind, just a gentle breeze wafting through the air, carrying with it the fragrance of fresh winter flowers, the billion stars in the sky....showering their ray of light on every particle of much so that i actually drifted into sleep...unknown to me.....dreams enveloping my web of thoughts. Then slowly & unknowingly, i went off into a deep sleep.....merging with my soul....

Then suddenly i woke wide awake that every ounce of sleep that assembled, shattered to pieces. I was starting to sweat. Didn't have any clue...why was i sweating?? Just as I was thinking, a thunder crashed through, tearing the skies apart with a lightning. Then slowly it started to drizzle...slowly at first...a bit louder then and it continued. After about 20 seconds, the light drizzle became very heavy, falling heavily on my windows. Already puddles of water had formed here and there.

Completely awake now, i got up & went to the balcony to watch the rain. It hit me now, I started to feel the pinch, then the tore through my was excruciating now...I was almost in tears. Yes, I knew it. I discovered where it originated. It was also running deep in my subconscious mind.

I was snuggling in my warm blankets sometime ago & woke up sweating...only to think that...they were littered on the roads. Like small children litter broken toys all around the house, the flood-devasted people were everywhere....on the road, on the pavement...every place you could think of. My heart ached seeing them. I was crumbling sensing that I couldn't do anything more than give away a few shirts and pants. My sub-conscious said, "Every human is born with a purpose, do it now. Its your turn. Do it whole heartedly" as I listened to them patiently.

Things became clear now. Sweating ceased. The crumbling blocks started to rebuild themselves...Its a new life...a great life...a life of giving !!!