Sunday, February 12, 2006

First Things First...

Hieee all,

I'm really excited today 'cos a lot of exciting things have happened in the past week and the good news is, ITS GOING TO CONTINUE FOR THE NEXT WEEK TOO. Before i blog on the exciting last week, an important thing has cropped up. Yuvi has geeky tagged me and here goes the rules and my specification of dream computer.

1. The Tagged victim has to come up with the specifications of their dream personal computer.
2. The Specifications have to be feasible : They atleast have to be in the lab. So, you can't ask for the Google Supercomputer :D.
3. The Victim needs to tag atleast two more people. If you are tagged again, you have to start the process again if the dream computer specification has changed.
4. The tagger needs to leave a comment (that he has been tagged) on the victim's blog ;-)

My dream spec.. follows:
11. An unlimited broadband internet connection
10. Microsoft mouse.
9. A nice speaker set from Creative.
8. 21" LCD monitor with integrated high quality web camera ;-).
7. Pentium 4 processor extreme edition with HT.
6. TV tuner card.
5. nVidia GeForce card.
4. DVD Writer.
3. 2 GB DDR2 RAM.
2. 250 GB HDD.
1. Necessary, original Microsoft software ;-)

Apart from this, a digital camera, iPod and 40 GB USB harddisk won't cause any problem :D. Hmm...thinking along the same lines, it would be better to have a Toshiba laptop with the following specification, 80 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM, DVD writer, integrated memory card reader, bluetooth, IR (so that i can program it as my TV remote control ;) ), WiFi and other extra bells and whistles such as webcam, USB mouse etc. :D part of the rules, im geeky tagging Ramesh, Sathya, Moyeen, Krishna, Siva, Sabarish and every single person reading this post. ;-)

Bye !