Friday, February 03, 2006

Touch of an Angel

Ever since the UPS burst, i have been wondering how many things have gone BOOM! by the touch of my hand ;-)...I have a small list here. Lets go through them 1 by 1...

1. Once upon a peaceful time, i had an age old computer. It very badly needed an upgrade. So, my dad brought with him, his friend who used to assemble computers and sell them. I gave him the new configuration that i would need. Soon, i unplugged with my very own hands ;-) and gave it to him.

The next day, i got a call from him saying he met with a small accident :-o...Thank God, nothing happened to the upgraded CPU. He also escaped with some minor bruises he he.

2. We had a philips iron box in my house. After putting it to good use for about 2 years, it fell down and some parts broke away. I repaired it and connected to power and ya...u would have guessed by now...The minute i lifted it, it burst off ha ha...

3. Ofcourse its the UPS burst story...if you haven't already read it, read it here.

Last but not the least, on the day i breathed first on planet Earth, there was a horrible cyclone wrecking havoc, with most telephone lines power too...Infact, my mom told me that a huge tree had come off the roots in the very hospital where i was born...fortunately, there wasn't any damage ;-)