Thursday, January 12, 2006


hmm...yesterday night, my computer was getting switched off for every minute i switched it on. This continued for the next 30 minutes that i was frustrated (Grrr...). I disconnected the CPU and opened it and checked for any loose connections. Not finding any i plugged it back....and still the problem continued...Well, if you were sitting beside me, i would have strangled you. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! (screaming)...

Checking the connections again, i found out the problem. It was the power input to the UPS that was the cause for all this. It was partially hanging. Thinking to be a champion electrician, i patted myself and got ready to mend the loose connection. Without switching off the power, i pushed the plug slightly into position. Suddenly, a siren was ringing from the UPS and all the computer was out again...Grrr....i nudged it again and BOOM!!...the UPS exploded. The whole house was cut off from power now...thanks to the "safe trip", it saved me from getting electrocuted. After disconnecting the UPS, my computer is running on raw current now... :(

ok...enough of this off to buy a new UPS...bye !!