Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Pongal !!!

Happy Pongal !!!
Today is Bogi...this day, we burn all the old items so that we can start a good new life. On the whole, the idea is good. I guess celebrating bogi means washing away all the sins we have done, forgive others for their faults and starting a new fruitful life on this holy day. But, all we do is burn all the old household items thereby polluting the very environment in which we live. I sincerely think that burning old items is a waste of precious resources.

Instead of burning them, you can exchange them at some retail showrooms to get new items...ofcourse, you have to pay some extra money. Here the gain is personal, atleast you are not damaging the environment. The second thing you could do is, sell those goods to scrap dealers. The little money you get by this can be used to buy new dress that can be given to deserving people. Ultimately, by doing such small things, we not only get a lot of satisfaction but also making someone else happy.

Wish you a very happy pongal. Let our mistakes or faults we made/make perish and let the phoenix of goodwill rise from the ashes...

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