Thursday, January 19, 2006

Computer Upgrade

Yippppppppppppeeeeeeee!!! yahhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooo!!! im dancing here. reason?? Its obvious...i upgraded my computer yesterday....and its flying now. Here is the upgraded configuration.

1. Added another 512 MB RAM to make it 768 MB. But my motherboard won't allow that :(. So, it had to be 640 MB. Nevertheless, the speed increase has been quite significant. Able to run both VS2005 and Netbeans 5.0 simultaneously.
2. Upgraded my existing 40 GB HDD to 120 GB....Its cool now...lot more space...enough to have a full family sleeping :-P
3. A brand new APC UPS after the UPS burst. Haven't tested this yet. But atleast now, the computer isn't getting switched off after power cut (Phew!!).
4. An experimental purchase of the new iBall optical mouse. Its good too.

Above all, im having original windows server 2003 ;-) because my college is having MSDNAA. But its human nature that, how much ever we have, we crave for more. Most of the time, the grass on the other side looks greener. So, heres my wishlist.
1. DVD Writer
2. A 1GB USB flash drive.

Oh...ya, i haven't stopped dancing yet. The system is quite fast, and that too with broadband internet connection, i left the computer switched on through the night to download netbeans 5.0. First time, its running for a full 24 hrs. :D :D The new year has been great till now. I'm enjoying every bit of it. Hope you are doing the same !!!