Sunday, November 20, 2005

Start downloading 2 to 8 :-) - Part 2

hi!! this is the part 2 of "Start Downloading 2 to 8". Before you continue, you may want to read the first part of the post. It deals with scheduling downloads.

Coming back, this method was tested on Huawei SmartAX 880 modem and this solution works for those who have that "Always On". A similar kind of interface was found with Huawei SmartAX 800 modem.

Warning: Before you try this, make sure you save your existing connection settings.

1. Start-->Run. Type "cmd" or "command" and press Enter.
2. Type "ipconfig" in the DOS prompt and press Enter. Note down the IP address. Most of the time it will be
3. Open Internet Explorer and type
4. Expand the "Home" node and click on "WAN Setting".
5. Change the "WAN Type" to "RFC2684Bridged".
6. Click Apply, restart the modem and enjoy!!!

Now, you have to create a dialer to connect to the server. Follow these steps to create the dialer.

1. Start-->Control Panel (or) Start-->Settings-->Control Panel. Go to Network Connections.
2. Create a new connection. From now on, follow the wizard to create your broadband dialup account. You need to have your username and password for creating the same.

The reason why you may want to change to dial-up broadband connection is to schedule downloads. It is said that the modem must be restarted at 2AM to start a new session. Creating a new session by restarting the modem automatically is not possible. After you followed the above 6 steps, you have to follow another set of 6 steps found at , so that you can actually use that full 2 to 8 for downloads without overdoing your 1GB limit.

Most of the time, the Dataone Account Administration link at redirects to the wrong site. Use this instead, to monitor you broadband usage.

To restore back to "Always On", follow the first 4 steps and then change the "WAN Type" to "PPP". Give your username, password and select enabled for Use eDNS field. Click apply and restart the modem......