Friday, May 12, 2006

A New Mobile

Hi!! just back from the purchase of a brand new Sony Ericsson K300i phone... It comes with a lot of cool features and hey, the GUI is awesome!! :D That is one thing that I just love about Sony Ericsson models :D

It has GPRS, USB, Java MIDP 2.0 support (the 3 features which I want most), 12 MB shared memory, 500 x 8 phone book entries and other bells and whistles such as a music player, camera, video capture, sound recording, IR, MMS, blah blah blah. First thought of buying Nokia 3120; but on comparing the features of 3120 with K300i, the latter offered better features with just a 1000 bucks extra. If I had about 3000 more, my choice would have been K750i. Anyway, absolutely no regrets with this piece and only downside is, it doesn't support bluetooth.

Now I can try all my ultra-silly and crappy Java ME applications that I build just for fun :D. Even though Chennai's been sweltering under the heat, things seem to be very cool for me...nice!!!

See you soon...bye!